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The Meritum Melitensi Cross awarded to Philip Bujak


Presentation speech by Dr Marek Stella-Sawicki KM on 8th November 9th, 2011 at Whitehall, Westminster, London

Dr Marek Stella-Swaicki KM"Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, friends and family, we are gathered here today for a very special occasion. It is my pleasure and duty to stand in for the Chairman of the Association of the Polish Knights of Malta UK and to be able to present a very special person a high decoration of the Sovereign and Military Order of Malta bestowed from the Grand Master and the Sovereign Council of the Order. It might be interesting for you to know that the current Grand Master of the Order, Matthew Festing is English.

This award is bestowed for years of hard work and generosity in the support of the work of the Association of Polish Knights of Malta UK, whose current major project is the development and build of an Oncological Hospital in Poznan, Poland.

So I am delighted to be here to present this decoration to one of our dearest friends and loyal supporters, Mr Philip Bujak, who despite being incredibly busy has found time to play a pivotal role in many of our fund raising projects including concerts at the Polish Embassy and the Carpenters Livery Hall, Balls at The Polish Hearth and The Savile Club as well as many other exciting events, all run by our own Malta Volunteers who Philip regularly supports with passion, in so many different ways and without whose support we may not have been as successful as we were.

Philip, please accept on behalf of the Association of the Polish Knights of Malta, this Order of St John’s Cross, known as The Meritum Melitensi Cross, or in plain English, the Cross of Merit, which you well deserve. I have been given this proud duty by our long standing Chairman and dear friend, Dr Andrew Meeson Kielanowski, who particularly wished to present this award in person but unfortunately cannot be here with us today.

Andrew Meeson single-handedly grew the Association of the Polish Knights of Malta UK and worked tirelessly for its successful development for over 10 years with the help of such loyal supporters as yourself, so I am sure you will all join me in saying that we have all been honoured to work with him as I am equally honoured now to award you this decoration on his behalf and on behalf of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

Congratulations and well deserved!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Phyllis Bujak for her generous support of the Hospital in Poznan, which has significantly moved the project forward and I am happy to report that most of the basic construction work of the walls and roof are now complete.

Once again a very big thank you to you Philip and the family Bujak."


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